Tuesday 17 April 2018

ArcSWAT Tutorial

Landuse Tutorial

Sometime barren land has same appeared as urban area, Rivers are dry that appears as barren land. Even after final land use we think to add new class. But cannot add. Sometime forest in Hill shade area and appear black. Learn this all Everything how does with New Methods. More than Supervised classification and Get 90% Accuracy. Also learn how to do change detection. Like if urban area is increasing the how much area it takes from Agriculture or Forest, How Landuse is changing w.r.t Each class. Calculate are in Km, or Pixels. Lastly do accuracy report. Learn this everything. Only for LinkedIn offer who reading this post. This is already discounted link. Lear at your time. No time bound. Enrol now and watch more than 5 hrs step and your time.  You will also get valid certificate also.

ArcSWAT Tutorial

ArcSWAT is an watershed simulation model. Used for watershed, Water resource planning, Planning of Hydropower projects. It typical model to run with ArcGIS , Most of people facing error in SWAT Model. So, I have created a complete unofficial tutorial of SWAT model with ArcGIS. In this I covered Data download to final results. This include data preparation of SWAT model in Depth. Configuring swat model from scratch. I demonstrated using A live study area, from zero. I also covered custom data set for other countries to prepare for which no data is available, including preparation of soil maps. I covered to remove common error in weather data also. How to read output. How to manual configure inside SWAT model

Link to Tutorials

All tutorial covering GIS work from Data download to final results, you can use it as you like. No need to ask anyone to learn about land use. You also learn image processing and many tasks of GIS from zero, Discount already applied to this link for all who watching this page. This course Normally no one teach in depth, I decided to share deep knowledge which everyone can effort. You can watch it anytime after enrol, ask me questions. You will also get valid international corticate with digital id after complete of this tutorial.  if someone tech he charges you much money for this course. But I created all video and currently providing it only 700 Rs/ or 10$ only.  After enrol to this tutorial you will get all upcoming tutorial at same price. 

Discounted link to landuse course:
Discounted link to Watershed Simulation course with ArcSWAT GIS

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