Wednesday 5 September 2018

CA Markov Method of Urban Growth using GIS Tutorial

CA Markov, People search lot of about CA Markov. But there is no proper GIS tutorial which Explain from Basic to run this model. If we know basic of GIS and data handling in Gis we will be easily able to run this Model. Its not a big deal. You just need ArcGIS and Terrset software to predict future land use and generate map for future. Think Few General points in Mind How it works. Lets think:
  1. New Urban area wll grow at boundary of older
  2. Some factor depends like distance between settelments
  3. Fistance from road
  4. Trend of change from Agriculture and forest each location
  5. Rate of Growth,
  6. Power of factor of change
And many More. You need only to model some layers and put in Machine learning model when the model trained put input to CA Markov model. This will predict future landuse map. If you found accuracy is not matching then Just change sampling rate and use hit and trail until it matches with actual land use if matched perfectly then Just o future and predict for year 205 and 2100.

See video of output.