Thursday 15 July 2021

Udemy GIS course coupons


How to learn GIS at home, then these courses are for you. 


Course Name: ArcSWAT Model with ArcGIS - Run for any Study Area - GIS

Duration: 4hr 26min

Highlights: Watershed simulation, amount of sediment reach at the outlet, ET, PET, Water Yield, Groundwater Recharge estimates, Streamflow in m3/sec, Hending weather data, Cover zero to simulation graphs. Applicable for ArcGIS 10.1 to ArcGIS 10.7


Course Name: SWAT CUP Calibration Validation and write values to ArcSWAT

Duration: 2hr 37min

Highlights: Multiple concepts of calibration and validation, Write calibrated parameter values to ArcSWAT.


Course Name: Land use Land cover classification GIS, ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI + Machine Learning in GIS

Duration: 6hr 22min

Highlights: A number of classification methods are covered including Machine learning. From data downloading to final results. Also covers pixel editing to improve LULC accuracy, Covers Accuracy assessment, Post modification and a number of basic and advanced tasks.  Applicable for Erdas 14 to Erdas 18. All versions of ArcGIS.


Course Name: Future Land Use with GIS - TerrSet - CA Markov - ArcGIS

Duration: 4hr 4min

Highlights: How an urban are expand in future at which extended till the year 2030, 2060 or 2090. Based on past classification and factors affecting landuse incorporated in the software. Convert the theoretical concept of urban expension into relaity.  Generate Video simulation of Urban growthAlso, generate a map of the future landuse with the machine learning approach. No coding is required. TerrSet and ArcGIS software required.


Course Name: Complete Basic GIS Tasks - ArcGIS - Erdas - Remote Sensing

Duration: 11hr 7min

Highlights: If you are new to GIS then this 11 hrs course cover everything in GIS from data management to publication-ready maps. Rea;l life tasks are covered. Covers GIS, GPS, Excel,  Weather data handling, Advance scripts, Image mosaicking in the best way, image resolution increase, Processing of high-resolution free images of 10m, 30m resolution. 3D and much more. Applies to ArcGIS 10.1 to 10.8, Erdas 2014, 2015 and 2018.


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